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Welcome to Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center


Please help support Camp Pee Dee

Retreat Center by making a

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Friends of Camp Pee Dee

Friends of Camp Pee Dee is an ongoing, fundraising program establised to provide funds to the annaul fund for operating expenses and the captial fund for buildings, renovations and equipment.

Love Yourself Camp for Senior High Girls

What does it mean to LOVE YOURSELF? To genuinely love you in a good, healthy and Godly way? Most young women do not understand the meaning of loving yourself. Instead, we try to fit in with the crowd to be accepted. We tend to lose ourselves by being what everyone else wants us to be. Sometimes we do not know who we are or where we are going. Come join us and discover how to LOVE YOURSELF with a Godly love.

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Camp Pee Dee Work Day

2nd Wednesday of each month

Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center’s work day will start back on Wednesday, September 13.  More information coming soon.

Treasured Tuesdays

Older Adult Ministry

Treasured Tuesday starts back on September 19.  We will meet at camp, enjoy a program led by Dr. Lisa Culpepper and a delicious home cooked meal.

Registration deadline is September 15.

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Come join us at Camp Pee Dee

Retreat Center

Church retreats and family reunions are just

two of the many ways groups make use of

 Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center.

Please contact Facilities Director Jason Steen

At (843) 479-3051 for more information or

to reserve your space now.